32 hours
8AM June 12 through
4PM June 13
1st academic
Code for Good Hackathon
at Contra Costa College

ABC news ran a story, as did KQED radio.

Five teams worked for those 32 hours, with no prior knowledge of HTML5, to produce an HTML5 based algegra game for middle school students. The Mathius team succeeded; the other teams did a fantastic job getting very close.

All did the impossible, made possible, in part, by it not being a class, where replicable quanta of knowledge must be taught. Instead, participants were free to sling together often fragile, sometimes poorly designed, realized, and understood games. This closely resembles the first steps of the professional programmer.

Here are the games produced.

  • Mathcat.

    Something about the Mathcat game. Lots and lots of stuff about the Mathcat game.
  • Mathius.

    Something about the Mathius game. Lots and lots of stuff about the Mathius game. More stuff than about the Mathcat game because I wanna see how this looks when it is a good length.
  • Untitled.

    A game with the goal of solving equations in as few draws as possible. The player starts with five tiles, on which they can place operators. Putting a complete tile into the slot below the equation causes the operation to be done to both sides. The player can draw tiles when needed.
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